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Milworld.pl is a store offering paramilitary and tourist products. We offer proven products from the best manufacturers of travel equipment, rescue and military accessories around the world such as 5.11, Jack Pyke, Highlander, Mil-Tec, Surplus and Gerber. The rich offer primarily includes clothing, military boots, tactical and camping gear, optical and survival equipment.


As a tourist-military store we provide products that allow for free and organized fieldwork, travel, camping and hunting. Thanks to our assortment, hobby and all forms of outdoor activities will become much simpler and more enjoyable.

Among the sleeping bags, tourist tents, travel bags, military jackets, backpacks, and various types of military and tactical shoes, you will find internationally recognized clothing such as the M65 jacket, military boots or classic combat trousers.


Our customers often ask about moro trousers having trouble figuring out what camouflage they have in mind. The wide range of colors includes those that are most popular and most used by uniformed services such as A-Tacs, CCE, Desert, DPM, Snow Camo, Urban (Metro), Splintertarn and forest camouflage. We will focus on describing some of the examples that are of greatest interest.


MULTICAM it's a combination of seven different shades of green, brown and beige. Shapes and colors have to fool the brain and blend the person into the environment. The pattern was chosen to operate over a wide range of distances, lighting intensity and terrain. Over the years, multicam has evolved dynamically and is used successfully by the military all over the world. The main idea was to create a system that would suit the user in every environment. In short, it could be divided in this way:

  • Black - dedicated to the uniformed justice services,
  • Arid - for use in open terrain, with predominance of rocks and sand,
  • Tropic - used in the jungle environment,
  • Alpine - used in snow-covered terrain.


UCP (At-Digital) is a new generation pixel camouflage used by the US military. Composed of 3 colors: gray, green and beige. It partially replaced M81 Woodland and 3 Color Desert Pattern. Designed for use in urban, forest and desert environment. Due to the characteristic pattern of camouflage, it is ultimately best in Finland. A few years after its introduction, the US military relinquished its continued use of this masking.


Flecktarn initially as the German Bundeswehr camouflage, it is now one of the most successful masking designs that have been developed since the Second World War. It is an attractive alternative for ASG and Paintball players, tourists and hunters. The camouflage pattern consists of 3, 4, 5 or 6 colors. It works on the same principle of breaking the boundaries between colors as modern digital designs.


Woodland implemented in 1981, successfully used by the US armed forces. It was introduced together with the M81 uniform. The camouflage pattern consists of four colors: brown, black and two shades of green.


Top quality tourist equipment has been designed and manufactured to maximize the practical and functional aspect of our offer. Equipment enhances the comfort of camping, hiking, climbing, hunting or fishing, both at night and during the day. We equip uniformed services, military enthusiasts, travelers and scouts throughout the country!


The wide product spectrum makes it possible to complete the necessary trekking, paramilitary and travel equipment. Many years of experience gives us a deep conviction that we are able to help every customer. We offer a new dimension of relaxation, helping to develop interests and to learn completely new things.


Our store is not just products, it is also help, kindness and information. The goal itself is not as important as the way we go to achieve it. Welcome!


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